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Sri Lanka Institute of Entrepreneurship

SLIE Project Investments LTD (SLIEPIL) brings all SLIE Products under one umbrella. Our Products are Sri Lanka Institute of Entrepreneurship (SLIE), SLIE Academy, SLIE Young Entrepreneurial Society Project (SLIE YES), SLIE Library, SLIE VOice and SLIE JMRD (Journal of Multi- Disciplinary Research & Development).  SLIE was founded in the year 2010 and functioned under the SLIEPIL Umbrella from the year 2016. About - SLIE-Sri Lanka Institute of Entrepreneurship Sri Lanka open economy has encouraged so many people to become entrepreneurs, to make their dream businesses become reality. Many of them after finding the capital they start the business without planning and focusing on future outcomes. The difficulties arise at this point where there will be lack of skills, knowledge, creativity and sources of funds. After struggles many of the entrepreneurs cease their enterprise to due above causes. Since now there are limited institutes which support the entrepreneurs on their knowledge, skills and creativity. Establishment of Sri Lanka Institute of Entrepreneurship (SLIE) is the first in the Island to provide such support to Entrepreneurs where they can start their Enterprise and run it on long terms. SLIE is the Platform where you can share the dream and vision of the Potential Entrepreneurs. SLIE strives to become a major resource centre/ knowledge portal on issues of Entrepreneurship development, research, communicate knowledge effectively within Sri Lanka and beyond.


SLIE in collaboration with SLIE Academy and SLIE Project Investments LTD, provide the SLIE Foundation/Diploma in Entrepreneurship Programme for existing entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs and for certificate holders of entrepreneurship from any recognized institute/University.

'GREAT Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs-SLIE Admissions'

Students are exposed to challenging programs of study through which they can gain the academic, innovative, business expertise they need to develop successful futures. The Institute’s admissions process enables them to become a SLIE Member while moving forward.



The editorial board always keeps the members & public constantly up to-date on the progress and activity of SLIE via the SLIE VOicemagazine publications.

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